Saturday, June 24, 2017

4 Unique Ideas for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is only three weeks away, and would you believe it's already been voted the Most Overrated Holiday of 2015? Fine. That might be a made up fact, but we can all agree that there’s at least some truth to it, right?

Each Valentine’s Day, you and your significant other likely fight the crowds at the finest restaurant in town—if you’re lucky enough to have made reservations, that is, because, if not, good luck getting a table anywhere without a drive-thru. Then, you sit down to eat the smallest, most over-priced meal of your life, while yelling over the other restaurant goers just to hear one another speak.

There will be roses, there will be chocolates, but most of all, there will be crowds.

This year, instead of reservations and roses, we offer a unique suggestion: Skip Valentine’s Day. That’s right. Skip Valentine’s Day this year, and instead create a romantic getaway in your very own home.

Here are some of our favorite ideas for creating the perfect at-home Valentine’s Day date:

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5 Reasons to Treat Your Family to A Pool

It’s an unusually cold day across the east coast. Temperatures have fallen below freezing, and many schools in otherwise calm regions are experiencing delays due to icy roads. While your kids count down the days to summer, as they are cooped up bored in the house, you’re probably counting down the days right along with them!

While your family counts down the days (hours, minutes, and seconds) until warmer weather, allow us to count the 5 reasons you should treat your family to a pool before summer:

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Did You Forget to Winterize Your Pool?

Several parts of the United States are experiencing freezing temperatures and extreme lows this week. Although most of you have already winterized your inground pool for the season, chances are, some of you have not. Winterization is important because it keeps your pool from freezing and presents more serious issues and permanent damages from occurring.

Sometimes, though, things happen. Perhaps the season snuck up on you (Can you believe it’s 2015 already?!), or perhaps you weren’t expecting your region to experience such severe lows this year. Whatever the reason, here are some basic maintenance tips in the event your water freezes:

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Happy Holidays!

Wishing you warmth and happiness this holiday season!

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